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The company

We do complex development for important clients but we’re still the kind of people you’d like to go for a coffee with!

WebVenture Interactive is a near shore software development services provider located in Bucharest, Romania. We are technically proficient, flexible and transparent.

We are operating dedicated near shore software development teams for companies all across Europe. We take advantage of our location, just 2+ hours flight from the most important European cities to deliver satisfaction for our Europe-spread customers.

WVI management

Ciprian Salceanu - Business Development Manager and Founding Partner

Ciprian has been an active in IT&C consultant and business developer for more than 10 years. He knows that every project’s success depends on the first steps and he’s proficient in guiding the Client take the first steps toward a successful project. Being straightforward and efficient in communication, Ciprian will do all the possible to guide the Client and help him make the best decisions both business and technically wise.

Ionut Dumitru - COO and Founding Partner

Ionut has an experience of 10+ years in SME and Enterprise management systems. Besides having a solid technical and management background, Ionut believes every project needs to be addressed particularly and that transparent customer relationships are a decisive factor for successful longterm partnerships. His commitment is to establish Webventure Interactive as one of the most reliable near shore companies in Eastern Europe.

Working with us

Top Developers

We believe that complex and interesting projects are brought to life by combining the latest technologies with a great understanding of project needs, all supported by transparent and seamless communication.

Traceability and Flexibility

We’re using Agile SCRUM as a software development methodology, being flexible and traceable.

Adaptability and Versatility

Experience is our mentor. From more than ten years in the industry we’ve learned that change and adaptation are key ingredients for progress. This is why we strive to stay on top of the game and to always remain well prepared technology-wise.

Speed and Scalability

Taking advantage of the education facilities in Romania, we are constantly growing our team of professionals with elite developers.


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    56th, Dionisie Lupu Street, 2nd Floor
    District 1, Bucharest, Romania

    +4 031 438 30 69

    +4 0732 010 010

    +4 0720 072 325


    Fiscal data:

    Webventure Interactive SRL
    VAT No: RO28782632
    Reg. No: J40/8209/2011